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Canberra Girls’ Programming Network

Do you want to learn how to code, or brush up on your Python skills?

The Canberra Girls’ Programming Network (GPN) celebrates women and gender-minorities in technology by hosting free programming workshops every term for high school students. During these workshops, students are able to build and develop their understanding of programming fundamentals through fun projects and activities such as building their own versions of classic games or playing around on Arduino boards. Similar to our Robogals workshops, these GPN events work towards the same goal of inspiring young women into exploring the field of engineering and STEM. 

The Canberra GPN also provides an environment where participants can make new friends and build their confidence through team-building activities, as well as introduce them to supportive tutors. 

Their Canberra-based website provides material from past workshops for those who are curious or seeking to develop their skills – where participants are challenged to develop their own versions of games like tic-tac-toe and scissors, paper, rock; and other projects focusing on cryptology and Markov chains. 

For the opportunity to attend these events, check out Canberra GPN News where they announce their monthly workshops. The next event (see here for more information) is scheduled for August 15 and is held at the Australian National University.

Are you an experienced programmer with a passion to help others?

GPN is always looking for volunteer tutors who are willing to help students with an interest in technology and programming. This role is focused on mentoring participants during workshops, which involves computer and debugging assistance as well as problem solving to aid students in developing their activities and projects. 

Besides being a great addition to your CV, GPN provides tutors the opportunity to improve their leadership and communication skills as they give mini lectures and welcome participants to the GPN community. 

As an organisation that does incredible work in encouraging and supporting young women in technology and STEM, the team at Robogals wanted to call attention to GPN and the incredible work that they do. To find out more about GPN’s goals and tutoring opportunities be sure to check out their main website here!

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