Volunteer Milestones

New Volunteers

So you’re completely new and want to know what you can do? Well, Robogals has a lot to offer, but you should definitely go to a training session first and get your blue card form filled out! Whilst you don’t need either of these to go to our many events, it prepares you for your very first workshop.

If you want to see our upcoming workshops to sign up to, click here.

Check out our Robogals Canberra Facebook Group for more opportunities too (e.g. marketing stalls, training, Hackathons, social events and more)!

Trained Volunteer

Once you have completed training you are ready to go to your first workshop! All of our upcoming workshops can be seen on the signup sheet. Chuck your name down for any workshop you want to go to and we will provide you with all the details you need to know a few days before your first workshop.

Active Volunteers

If you want to earn and keep your own Robogals shirt, then you need to become an active member of our community. Go to any 4 events and spend 10 hours involved in our activities we’ll recognise your contribution! You’ll need to meet both these requirements every year if you want to stay an active member.

Workshop Leader in Training

Once you start going to workshops, you’ll be already be learning to improve your communication and interpersonal skills. By training to become a workshop leader you can develop your presentation and leadership skills so that you can confidently lead future workshops. (This is great for self-development and the resume too)! Our current workshop leaders will even help and mentor you every step of the way.

Express your interest in becoming a workshop leader by filling out this Workshop Leader Expression of Interest Form!

Workshop Leader

You did it! You’ve become a workshop leader! Now you can lead workshops and mentor workshop leaders in training just like you were. Additionally, you will also be invited to take on and lead exciting opportunities, such as taking charge of a Rural Trip or a Girls in Robotics Day.

The training manager will make the final decision of when you’re ready to become a workshop leader.


Maintaining Robogals Canberra and directing its growth is the duty of each executive. There are many different roles and responsibilities.

To become an executive, attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where we vote in a new executive team. There are plenty of roles to fill and anyone who is dedicated to the organisation and improving it can become one! If you want to become an executive, keep an eye on our Facebook page, we will post there when applications open up in August/September.